My Journey

It seems appropriate that my first blog post goes live the week of Father’s Day. This day was special … I had to wait 51 Father’s Days to finally say, “Happy Father’s Day” to my Dad – an amazing, memorable day I’ll never forget. There literally are no words to describe how meaningful spending the day with my sweet, ornery Dad was to me. Eight months ago, he didn’t even know I existed.

My hope for this blog is to be a vulnerable voice of an adoptee, sharing my continuing journey … a journey through abandonment, fear of rejection, reunion with biological family and forgiveness. Much of my journey in search for my biological parents that began 25 yrs. ago has been a swamp to walk through – many times, barely a crawl. I never knew there was such a dark place with even darker shadows. I’ve trudged through waters of abandonment, fear, rejection and reunion but honestly, I’m still crawling through forgiveness. I’ve learned that this journey isn’t necessarily linear – there are days when I scale the mountain of fear and conquer it and the next day, I’m at the foot of the mountain looking up again.

Reunion with biological family is a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime! I know I’m not the only one who has ventured into finding biological family and I also know that many of us have no clue about the emotional tsunami about to break loose. Like, literal tsunami. My prayer is that God can use my journey to help others along a similar journey as they find their way to answers and healing. In addition, I hope that my words can bring deeper understanding to others walking with those searching along this very lonely and misunderstood road.

Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂